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R&D Tax Credits for Architecture / Engineering

Architecture / Engineering Architecture firms that work on projects that invest in energy efficiency and other day-to-day operations could be saving money through the tax incentives available to them. Many firms are frequently unaware they could be taking advantage of the R&D tax credits they qualify for. National Tax Group allows those companies to take […]

R&D Tax Credits for Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies

Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies Companies within the chemical pharmaceutical industry are constantly investing money into the development and improvement of their formulas, drugs, and products by taking innovative steps to stand out in an industry that is rapidly growing and pushing out new discoveries. The Research and Development Tax Credit allows companies to offset their research […]

R&D Tax Credits for Computer Science Companies

Computer Science Companies The computer science industry is incredibly broad, with a wide variety of software and processes always being developed. Computer science companies are constantly pouring money into the development and improvement of processes and products, and most companies within the industry are eligible to take advantage of the Research and Development Tax Credit […]

R&D Tax Credits for Telecommunication Companies

Telecommunication Companies Many companies within the telecommunications industry are performing research activities that entitle them to possible R&D tax credits. Due to the growing nature of the industry, research and development activities performed to improve the products, processes, and software of a company could qualify them for the lucrative credit. Qualifying activities include Developing custom […]

R&D Tax Credits for Education Technology Companies

Education Technology Companies Companies that work in the education technology (EdTech) space are able to claim R&D tax credits for performing qualifying research activities with the intention of creating or enhancing the learning experience. Due to the rapidly increasing price of education, Edtech companies are offsetting the costs spent on creating innovative technology with R&D […]

R&D Tax Credits for Financial Service Companies

Financial Service Companies Companies within the financial services industry are able to reap the benefits of R&D tax credits as a reward for their research activities. Many companies are performing qualifying activities daily to improve and develop their products, processes, software, and technology that qualifies them for R&D tax credits. Qualifying activities include Automating manual […]

R&D Tax Credits for Automotive Companies

Automotive Companies Companies within the automotive industry are able to qualify for R&D tax credits for the qualifying research activities and steps they are taking in order to make products and processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. This lucrative tax credit is sometimes overlooked because the qualifying activities often take place in the plant or […]

R&D Tax Credits for Apparel and Textile Companies

Apparel and Textile Companies Companies within the apparel and textile industry are able to qualify for R&D tax credits for steps that are taken to improve or develop existing products, and manufacturing processes. Many companies are performing qualifying activities in their day to day operations already, including the construction of dye formulas, fabrics, waterproof clothing, […]

R&D Tax Credits for Food and Beverage Companies

Food and Beverage Companies Companies within the food and beverage industry are constantly evolving to keep up with their competition, and the industry’s evolving health and safety standards. Many companies are able to reward themselves with R&D credits for the steps they are already taking to develop and improve their food and drink products. Qualifying […]

R&D Tax Credits for Startup Companies

Startup Companies Startup companies have been shutout in the past from obtaining R&D tax credits due to lacking tax income liabilities. Thanks to a 2016 provision made to the credit broadening the variety of industries that are able to qualify, startup companies are able to reap the benefits of R&D for their efforts in creating […]