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Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies

Companies within the chemical pharmaceutical industry are constantly investing money into the development and improvement of their formulas, drugs, and products by taking innovative steps to stand out in an industry that is rapidly growing and pushing out new discoveries.

The Research and Development Tax Credit allows companies to offset their research and development costs with lucrative tax credits. Companies can also use the credits to offset the money spent hiring third-party collaborators, including packaging designers and manufacturers, and can even be claimed retroactively.

Companies are performing qualifying tasks in their everyday work that allows them to take advantage of the tax credit. 

Qualifying Daily Activities Include

  • The research of new and improved drugs
  • Formulation development of drugs and processes
  • New product discovery
  • Preclinical studies
  • Patent safe harbor
  • Clinical research of all products
  • Quality assurance of all products

Most chemical pharmaceutical companies already qualify. Let us evaluate your work and determine your potential savings.

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