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Energy Modeling

To make smart energy enhancements, you must first understand how your facility consumes energy. Energy Modeling gives full insights into past, current, and future energy consumption, removing the guesswork from any efficiency measures. The National Tax Group specializes in collecting data from energy audits, modeling practical solutions, and delivering financial information to make those solutions understandable.

Our team relies on capable software to simulate the energy usage of a facility (whether existing or under construction) and compare it to an ASHRAE baseline structure. The building simulation incorporates the facility’s location, local temperature data, building orientation, and occupancy and operations schedules to accurately mimic actual circumstances.

This is your chance to make intelligent energy usage a cornerstone of your business operations, from basic efficiency-enhancing tweaks to full-scale system overhauls. 

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Why do you need Energy Modeling?

Energy Modeling is the practice of analyzing a building’s energy use using computer-based software. Design engineers use it to find possibilities to minimize energy consumption, optimize equipment selection, and examine the influence of design choices on energy consumption. The purpose of energy modeling is to provide an accurate depiction of a building’s or structure’s energy usage under various operating situations.

These models can incorporate precise information about your building exterior, lighting, electrical systems, HVAC systems, water systems, and almost any other energy-intensive system.

Energy Modeling gives critical information for smart, cost-effective energy efficiency measures. While it is the post-modeling retrofits that bring true value in terms of efficiency, the model itself can be a helpful resource that you can use in the future.

Our Approach

While the National Tax Group offers comprehensive Energy Modeling services, our team also specializes in retrofitting services to help you transform your energy modeling potential into energy savings!

Cost efficient

We can use Energy Modeling to discover the potential for energy efficiency upgrades that can result in considerable cost savings for your facility, thus minimizing operating expenses and boosting your bottom line.


Energy Modeling can help you lessen a building’s carbon impact, supporting you in installing long-term impacts. This might be as simple as replacing a few light bulbs or repairing a leaking pipe.

Building compliance

Compliance with building norms and standards sometimes necessitates the use of Energy Modeling.

Improved performance

We can use Energy Modeling to improve the performance of a building’s systems.

Future decisions

Energy Modeling can help us draw accurate conclusions regarding new projects, retrofit projects, and energy system replacements across the board.


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