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R&D Tax Credits for Food and Beverage Companies

Food and Beverage Companies Companies within the food and beverage industry are constantly evolving to keep up with their competition, and the industry’s evolving health and safety standards. Many companies are able to reward themselves with R&D credits for the steps they are already taking to develop and improve their food and drink products. Qualifying […]

R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Companies Manufacturing companies often miss out on claiming R&D credits simply because they don’t recognize their work as being innovative, but rather routine. R&D credits are available for manufacturers who are taking steps to improve the manufacturing process by making it more advanced, environmentally friendly, and efficient. Companies performing activities such as process design […]

R&D Tax Credits for Renewable Energy Companies

Renewable Energy Companies Companies within the renewable energy sector are able to take advantage of R&D tax credits for their efforts aimed at developing new or improved solar products and processes. If your company has taken steps to create a reliable, renewable, and clean alternative for energy consumption, you are likely able to qualify for […]

R&D Tax Credits for Software Development Companies

Software Development Companies Software development companies that invest in research activities to improve software programs and systems often qualify for R&D credits. Research performed within a computer software project for the purpose of achieving an advancement in computer science or information technology often qualifies for the lucrative credit. Qualifying companies are able to use R&D […]

R&D Tax Credits for Food Sciences

Food Science Industries Research and development has become a major factor in the productivity and growth of the food industry business due to consumer demands for fresher products that are made without artificial colors or flavors, and are free of preservatives, hydrogenated fats, or GMOs. As time has progressed, newly developed processes and products have […]

R&D Tax Credits for Cosmetic Companies

Cosmetic Companies The cosmetic industry is one of the largest industries in the world, with a rapidly growing repertoire of beauty products and processes, and a registered annual revenue of over $54 Million. Each year, the cosmetic industry becomes more innovative and creative with their development processes in order to keep up with competitors, and […]

R&D Tax Credits for Web Development Companies

Web Development Companies Website developers can qualify for R&D when they are performing research used for implementing a new system or process. Finding innovative solutions and technologies to improve the processes and value of a website often uses qualifying research activities that are able to reap the benefits of R&D credits. Qualifying processes include Making […]

R&D Tax Credits for Construction Companies

Construction Companies Innovation, research and development are not often connected to construction, but with the advances in digital technology and connectivity, influx of “green” buildings, and new sustainability standards are becoming more constant within the industry.  In that, there has been an increase of innovative research and development that takes place during the planning and […]

R&D Tax Credits for Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and Gas Companies The oil and gas industry is constantly contributing to America’s economy by heating our homes and fueling our cars. Oil and gas companies may not realize that the activities they’re performing to explore, produce, transport, and refine oil and gas more efficiently qualifies them for R&D credits. Oil and gas companies […]

R&D Tax Credits for Agriculture Companies

Agriculture Companies Companies in the agricultural and farming industries are often performing qualifying research and development activities without realizing they are eligible for R&D tax credits. When managing resources used in producing food, agricultural and farming businesses need to create innovative technology and systems. Companies may be taking part in qualifying research activities that allows […]