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Architecture / Engineering


Architecture firms that work on projects that invest in energy efficiency and other day-to-day operations could be saving money through the tax incentives available to them. Many firms are frequently unaware they could be taking advantage of the R&D tax credits they qualify for. National Tax Group allows those companies to take advantage of their tax savings and stay up-to-date in their market. Many of the requirements are fulfilled in the day-to-day operations of an architecture firm.

Qualifying activities include

  • Drawing plans for how a building will sit on the site
  • Outlining plans for the shape on a building
  • Designing systems in a building
  • Obtaining LEED Certification
  • Drawing out and executing building facades
  • Working site features into the design of a building
  • Developing the construction documents
  • Creating elevation plans for a building
  • Master planning process and design
  • Drawing schematic designs
  • Utilizing energy efficiency development

National Tax Group consists of in-house tax experts and engineers with over 50 years of experience working across various tax-saving industries. We work with many businesses to reap the maximum amount of tax credits and savings. We can help you and your firm obtain the maximum tax credit you have earned.

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