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Water Auditing Services

Our Water Auditing services are one of the finer and sought-after components of our consulting facilities. Water Audits are provided to federal, multi-family, and commercial users. It usually begins with a certified water conservation auditor doing a full on-site survey, gathering meter data, identifying all sources of water and water water-consuming equipment, locating leaks, and recommending water conservation strategies that minimize facility water consumption.

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Why are Water Audits important?

Water Audits are an important first step in evaluating your facility’s water consumption and taking preventative measures to minimize it. Through this audit, we can track water consumption from its inception through its disposal into the sewer. We can discover and quantify unaccounted-for water losses and suspected leaks within and around the plant. It also lays out a proper plan for future savings and implementation expenditures.

Our Water Audit report includes a study of current water use as well as a comprehensive list of water conservation methods. Further, each water conservation measure will have the following elements:

  • Description of the issue
  • Suggested solution
  • Predicted savings in water
  • Cost of installing the solution
  • Payback and savings estimates

Our team of experts will perform the following Water Audit services

  • List all water-consuming equipment and processes
  • Locate any inefficient plumbing fixtures, appliances, leaks, or water waste
  • Determine equipment or operations that consume high amounts of water
  • Inspect cooling tower float valves for excessive water use
  • Evaluate irrigation schedules and systems, and make recommendations as appropriate
  • Examine sprinkler heads for broken heads and excessive discharge
  • Propose improvements, retrofits, or newer, more energy-efficient equipment
  • Compare water meter data to anticipated water use to identify any significant issues with water leaks or metering inaccuracies
  • Provide a list of proposed water conservation solutions, as well as the possible water savings, implementation costs, available incentives, and easy payback

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