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Energy Consulting

In order to compete in the expanding global marketplace, commercial and industrial energy users must base their day-to-day decisions not just on technical factors, but also on a variety of economic and regulatory variables. This is where National Tax Group’s energy consulting services teams can support you by weaving stability and adequacy analyses into technical and lucrative solutions.

Our team starts by analyzing your energy replacements, by requesting minor cost agreements in deregulated marketplaces, dependent on your energy supply planning. With our help, a commercial or industrial customer frequently qualifies for service under various percentage schedules. Our team can demonstrate which pricing schedule is most advantageous to you financially, integrating a methodical auditing approach that will enable our energy consultants to find faults.

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Strategic Energy Planning

The National Tax Group will assist you in developing a Risk Profile that will guide the strategic direction of energy purchase, along with our professional opinion will make for a solid commodities risk management program.

With our focus on sustainability we can help you in defining and comprehending your sustainability condition, identifying and assessing existing business risks and opportunities.

Renewable Energy Consultation

We can guide you in capitalizing on developing green markets by addressing feasibility, pricing, and corporate message goals first. We’ll guide you through the implementation of the projects that make the most sense for your organization once you’ve outlined your objectives and assessed the feasibility of an investment.

Advanced Solutions Consultation

We can handle your particular problems through in-depth economic research and market knowledge, unorthodox data modeling and methods.


We are committed to assisting individuals and companies in making good energy decisions. Our wide knowledge and skills help you in investigating, comprehending, and profiting from the future.

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Whether you want to become more environmentally conscious, use resources more efficiently, or buy energy more systematically, our tried and tested services can assist you in bringing fruition to your ventures.

With National Tax Group, you will be allocated a dedicated point of contact as part of the planning process. In collaboration with you and the relevant team members, we will determine your program’s goals, energy risk tolerances, action plans, and timetables.

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Choosing National Tax Group’s services

We understand that your facilities are among your most precious assets, and we design our projects with that in mind. Our objective is to give you the information you need to make educated decisions about your energy use.

And we’re here to assist you every step of the way in making the best decision for your requirements. We want to be a long-term partner for all of your energy requirements at Iconergy. Our staff provides cutting-edge technology and knowledge to help you reach maximum efficiency.


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