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National tax group team will be in attendance at 

The 2023 Lodging Conference

National Tax Group

Will be attending

Will be attending

The 2023 Lodging Conference

September 18 – September 21, 2023

The JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix

The Lodging Conference is one of the leading hotel industry events which brings together the hotel industry’s most influential folks.

With over 2600 in attendance this year, don’t miss a chance to know more on how we can help save taxes. Stop by our booth to learn how we have helped hoteliers save thousands in federal tax liability.


Lee Ferry, President

Lee is a Nationally recognized sales leader who has been honored five times for leading the sales growth of an Inc 500 Most Rapidly Growing Company.

Kelly Colvin, Vice President of Commercial Division

Have worked with my clients to obtain and maximize their earnings through the 179D Energy Efficient Tax Deduction and the R&D Tax Credit.

About National Tax Group

National Tax Group offers a wide range of high-quality tax solutions. Our exceptional success rate comes from our in-depth knowledge and experience relating to the tax regulations associated with 179D, 45L, Cost Segregation, and Research & Development.


We have touched multiple areas of taxation providing businesses a wide range of services to choose from. Our experience in complex tax incentive programs has made us a valuable partner to all of our clients, and our ability to seamlessly collaborate with every business is the reason why many people trust National Tax Group.


Focusing on the 179D Energy Efficient Tax Deduction, Cost Segregation Studies, Research and Development Tax Credits, and the 45L Energy Efficient Home Credit, our engineers and tax experts have worked on thousands of projects that have resulted in huge monetary benefits for our clients.


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