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Leading the National Tax Group with a passion for guiding business owners to implement sustainable solutions and earn essential credits to boost their bottom line.


Lee is a nationally recognized sales leader, providing sustainable tax solutions to business owners across a wide variety of industries. He has been honored five times for leading the sales growth of an Inc 500 Most Rapidly Growing Company.

Apart from building top-performing sales teams, Lee has a special aptitude for strategizing and implementing aggressive sales and marketing initiatives to domestically and internationally achieve extraordinary results, align revenue with corporate objectives, and ensure high ROI. He is also a member of LendingCon Government Relations committee. 

Prior to joining the National Tax Group, Lee was involved in operations, financial management, turnarounds, M&A, building strategic partnerships in the U.S. and globally, developing sales teams to sell to C-Level, and cultivating relationships with customers and internal/external stakeholders. Lee has a degree in Accounting and Finance from Western Illinois University.

For the past 14 years, Lee has been dedicated to supporting businesses in the US with his tax expertise. Book a call with him today to talk about how he can help your business leverage federal credits.

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