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Aerospace and Defense Companies

A wide range of common aerospace industry practices can qualify a company for R&D tax credits. Industry technologists, engineers, designers, and machinists spend a large amount of time developing and improving their design and manufacturing practices in order to stay competitive with the other companies within the industry.

Qualifying activities include

  • Developing new composite materials and manufacturing methods
  • Implementing automated processes and robotics
  • Developing innovative ways to optimize strength and minimize weight
  • Developing new alloys and powdered metallurgies
  • Developing new or improved fasteners and bonding agents
  • Designing new jigs, dies, fixtures, and tooling
  • Designing new methods for manufacturing avionics and cable harness assemblies.
  • Developing new heat treatment profiles and procedures
  • Designing and developing of scaled-up manufacturing processes
  • Experimenting with ways to increase product yield and decrease cycle times

With the continuous evolution of technologies and advancements in science, aerospace industries will continue to qualify for R&D credits due to their research activities.

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