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Unleashing Hidden Tax Advantages: A Definitive Guide to Cost Segregation Studies

The realm of commercial real estate ownership presents a landscape brimming with opportunity. It offers the potential for robust returns and the chance to cultivate significant wealth. However, alongside these rewards lie substantial responsibilities. Effectively managing tax liabilities emerges as a critical factor in optimizing the profitability of your investment. Within this domain, a powerful tool empowers astute property investors – the cost segregation study.

Overcoming Tax Season: Navigating Challenges & Strategies for Tax Professionals

Overcoming Tax Season: Navigating Challenges & Strategies for Tax Professionals

For many people, tax season may be a scary time. While managing the complicated world of taxes may be difficult, regardless of experience level tax season proves to be the most difficult of times for professionals in the industry. From managing heavy workloads to navigating complex tax laws, we in the industry encounter obstacles that […]

Impact of IRA and IIJA on Commercial Lighting Upgrades

Valeria Boltneva

Despite the uncertain economic conditions in the future, the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) for energy-efficient interior lighting renovations can provide good relief to for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Not only are the improvements financially feasible, but better lighting systems also save money as they have lower running expenses with […]

Increased 45L Tax Credit Boosts Affordable Housing Development

David Mcbee

  Affordable housing developers have benefited greatly from the huge expansion of the 45L Tax Credit brought about by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). These tax credits have increased dramatically, almost tripling from prior levels to $5,000 per unit. Major Updates to the 45L Tax Credit Enhanced Credit Value:  The extension enhanced the energy efficiency […]