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As a Senior Account Executive at the National Tax Group, Seth specializes in unlocking invested capital and enhancing cash flow for commercial building owners. He works closely with principals and stakeholders to identify often-overlooked tax credits associated with energy efficiency. Seth’s commitment to optimizing financial opportunities through energy-efficient tax credits demonstrates his strategic approach to helping clients realize the full potential of their commercial properties.
Seth Parker, Senior Account Executive


Seth understands the profound impact these incentives can have, offering substantial tax advantages and accelerating the return on investment for the underlying assets. In his role, he provides a comprehensive turnkey solution, overseeing all aspects of the process, from consulting to onsite engineering certifications. 

As a seasoned real estate investor, Seth has developed a keen understanding of the dynamic impact of liquid capital. His impressive track record includes successfully acquiring, developing, and disposing of three equestrian properties in Wellington (FL), showcasing his ability to execute and excel in diverse real estate ventures. His achievements underscore a solid foundation in investment principles and a practical and successful application of this knowledge in the competitive real estate market.

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