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As the Senior Account Executive at the National Tax Group, Roger has played a pivotal role in the organization’s success by presenting and selling commercial property tax deductions and tax credits since 2020. His expertise emphasizes the necessity of professional engineering services, a key company offering, to unlock these deductions and credits for clients. With a strategic and personalized sales approach, Roger contributes significantly to the company’s mission of delivering impactful tax solutions to its clients.

About ROGER:

An intriguing facet of Roger’s professional journey includes his role as the project manager for developing the first universal life insurance policy offered by a major insurance company. In this position, he was instrumental in shaping the landscape of insurance, overseeing the development of the policy itself, as well as crafting the pricing strategies. Additionally, Roger also played a crucial role in establishing the administrative procedures essential for issuing and administrating these pioneering insurance policies. This experience showcases Roger’s multifaceted skills and pivotal contributions to the innovation and evolution of the insurance industry.

In his leisure time, Roger has diverse interests, enjoying gardening, reading, being an avid sports enthusiast, and traveling.

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