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Grace has been a crucial part of the National Tax Group since 2018. As an experienced data analyst, she has contributed her skills and expertise to enhance business operations within the company. Grace’s tenure at the National Tax Group underscores her dedication and ongoing commitment to leveraging data effectively for the organization’s benefit. 


Grace is an accomplished data analyst with a proven track record in business operations. Her skill set includes proficiency in Microsoft Office, strong management capabilities, effective time management, leadership skills, and a talent for handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused on Hospitality Administration/Management from the State University of New York at Delhi, Grace brings a solid educational foundation to her role. Her expertise in data analysis and information technology, combined with her hands-on experience, makes her a valuable asset in leveraging data to enhance business operations. Grace’s commitment to excellence and her well-rounded skill set contribute to her success as a data professional.

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