Tax Saving Services That Are Risk-Free and Cost You Nothing

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Our Only Goal is Saving You On Your Taxes

Our approach to taxes is a little different, because our collection of services are a little different. National Tax Group is highly focused on specialized areas of the tax code, enabling us to provide you an estimate of your savings without any cost to you. If you decide the savings are not great enough, no problem, we won’t charge you. But, more often than not, we find lucrative deductions and credits that amount to serious savings.

No Contracts, No Pressure

We never put pressure on our clients to work with us by requiring deposits upfront or by having them sign a contract. The only thing that we need from our clients during the assessment period is proper documentation. Upon review, we only estimate tax savings that we are confident we can deliver, and don’t expect our clients to commit until they feel convinced of the value we provide.

Our in house engineers and tax experts are ready to maximize your tax credits.

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