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How Architectural and Engineering Firms Can Qualify for R&D Tax Credits

Are you missing out on potential tax credits? While the technology, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries are thought of as the typical research and development (R&D) tax credit recipients, however, architectural and engineering firms can qualify, too. Through everyday activities where they continuously develop new and improved designs, concepts, and processes. The more qualifying activities you are participating in, the higher

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ASHRAE Changes to 179D Tax Deduction

How to Navigate the Upcoming ASHRAE Changes to the 179D Tax Deduction

Climate change has been a top priority for the current administration. The Budget Reconciliation Bill is moving quickly through Congress. This is the most comprehensive climate proposal coming out of Washington, tax incentives are changing to promote building with clean energy in mind. Here’s how to navigate the upcoming ASHRAE Changes to the 179D Tax Deduction. What Are We Watching?

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45L Tax

Will 45L Be Extended at the End of 2021?

In 2005, the Internal Revenue Code added an internal revenue incentive called the Energy Efficient Home Credit, more commonly known as 45L. This incentive allowed “Eligible Contractors” to collect tax credits for the construction of energy-efficient homes. Eligible Contractors are categorized by the IRS as any trust, estate, partnership, company, or corporation that was in charge at the time of

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Moving Forward Act

What is the Moving Forward Act and Why Should You Be Following?

We’ve all heard the saying that politics is personal. Whether you love the news or hate it, it’s important to follow what legislation is making its way through Capitol Hill and how it affects you and your bank. What is the Moving Forward Act and why should you be following? What Should We Be Watching?  The Moving Forward Act is

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3 Tax Credits to Save You Money

Filing your taxes can be tricky. With so many different rules and regulations to follow, it can feel like a miracle just to have them finished in time, let alone spend extra time figuring out where you can save money. That’s where we can help. At National Tax Group, we want to keep an extra eye out for the little

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Are You Making the Most of Your 179D Tax Deduction?

Are you missing out on a tax deduction? If you have recently started a new construction or renovation of a commercial property, you might be missing out on a big-money opportunity. The 179D energy-efficient tax deduction is a tax incentive that is available for newly constructed or renovated commercial buildings. Our experts at National Tax Group can help you determine

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Are You Missing Money Opportunities in Your Taxes?

No one wants to miss out on a good money opportunity, especially when it ties directly to your finances. At National Tax Group we have built a team of experts to navigate you through complex tax incentive programs that give you an extra bang for your buck.    First, you need a personalized solution to ensure your claims are accurate

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How to Further Develop Your Business Before 2021 Ends

The end of the year is quickly approaching. With only a few months left in 2021, improving your business should be at the forefront of your goals. There are many ways to achieve this success — from hiring the right people to figuring out a work schedule that best fits your business needs. However, the most important pillar to any

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7 Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business Savings

The key to building any profitable business is increasing sales and decreasing costs. While sales are largely up to the consumer, taking advantage of money-saving techniques can help your business avoid financial pitfalls even if sales are down. Our business tax advisors have compiled a list of ways to reduce costs and grow your business savings.  1. Claim Research &

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What Rising Demand for New Hampshire’s R&D Tax Credit Means for You

An increase in demand for R&D tax credits has taken New Hampshire by storm. Governor Chris Sununu recognized 2020 as a historic high in the volume of R&D credit business applications — resulting in a whopping 276 recipients. However, the rising demand for this tax credit has resulted in a smaller share for businesses. This year, the number of businesses

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