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179D Has Permanently Been Extended; What Does This Mean for Taxpayers?

Green construction and the implementation of energy-efficient structures and systems in both federal and privately-owned buildings has seen massive increases over the years. The government has been encouraging this eco-friendly shift with incentives for commercial buildings that go green. In 2005, the Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction (179D) was created to promote taxpayers to build, renovate and design with energy conservation

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Advances in Technological Services May Qualify Insurance Companies for R&D Tax Credits

Insurance Companies Who Invest in Developing Their Technology to Improve Services for Agents, Customers and Other Associates May be Able to Take Advantage of Tax Credits Insurance companies have started to shift away from the traditional methods in which they provide customers and partners with insurance services. The main change has been the integration of technology in the insurance industry

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State of Colorado Rewards Businesses Tax Credits to Encourage Development in Enterprise Zones

The Centennial State Offers Development and Research Tax Credits to Companies who put Resources into Growing Economically Distressed Areas Keeping up with competitive industry growth and navigating the fast-paced business world is a process that many companies have to stay on top of in order to be successful and provide value to the communities around them.  What countless companies don’t

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5 Tax Tips for Small Business in 2021

Use these Tips and Strategies to Maximize your Deductions for 2020 and into the Future 1. Create a smart plan for paying taxes During turbulent times, preparation and planning are the keys to managing the stress on your business and staying financially solvent. The earlier you have a forecast of your business’s tax outlook, the better prepared you will be

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Maryland Businesses Can Still Take Advantage of R&D Tax Credits Due to Recent Tax Extension

The state of Maryland’s Research and Development Tax Credit Program will remain in effect until June 30, 2022 because of a recent tax extension made by the General Assembly. These R&D credits were created to encourage Maryland businesses to expand their development and research efforts to receive benefits from the state’s Department of Commerce. What are the Benefits of Maryland’s

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Do Architects Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

With many architectural firms expanding their research and development efforts nationwide, architects may not be taking full advantage of the research and development (R&D) tax credits they can potentially apply for. Misconceptions generally surround how these credits apply, what activities or projects qualify, why they qualify and how much credit they will get in return for their development initiatives. Background

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2021 Tax Extensions

2020 End of Year Update – 179D Made Permanent and 45L Extended through the End of 2021

President Donald Trump signed the COVID relief bill and fiscal year 2021 omnibus spending package on December 27th, 2020 which contained two tax incentives that benefit architects, engineering firms, commercial building owners, and construction firms. The Section 179D commercial property energy efficiency deduction, set to expire at then end of 2020, was made permanent and is eligible for improvements meeting

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