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PACE financing

What is PACE Financing and How Can it Help?

Nearly all of the energy we consume comes directly from fossil fuels and not from light, heating, or solar energy. Why? Because making these upgrades can be costly, time-consuming, and complicated if you are not fluent in energy-efficient technology. Making your building more energy-efficient can increase its value, but difficulty in navigating the process has turned many businesses and building

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Hotel Owners Employee Retention Credit

How Hotel Owners Can Qualify for Employee Retention Credit

With the lack of travel and an increase in travel restrictions, COVID-19 has taken its toll on the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, and other service-based businesses often had to choose where to cut costs to stay afloat. Unfortunately, more times than not that meant laying off some of their employees. The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was created as an incentive

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Employee Retention Credit

Can You Apply for an Employee Retention Credit After Receiving a Payment Protection Program Loan?

During the pandemic, employee retention became a widespread problem amongst businesses. Between 2020 and 2021, Congress passed legislation that assisted businesses during the financial downturn. Two of these benefits are the Payment Protection Program (PPP) and the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).    Although the ERC ended in September 2021, there is still an opportunity to claim this tax credit, even

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Employee Retention Credit

What is the Employee Retention Credit and How to Retroactively Claim it in 2022

What is the Employee Retention Credit?  The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a refundable tax credit that businesses can claim on qualified wages, including certain health insurance costs, paid to employees. This credit, passed under the CARES Act, encourages businesses to keep employees on their payroll. The refundable tax credit is 70% of up to $10,000 in wages paid by

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Opportunity Zoning

How to Maximize Tax Benefits with Cost Segregation

Cost segregation studies are the easiest way to unlock your capital by reducing and deferring income taxes. Combining this incentive with opportunity zoning can be a powerful tool with commercial and residential rental real estate.  Understanding Opportunity Zone Fund Investments The Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017 gave advantages to certain investments in lower-income areas through the Opportunity Zone

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real estate boom

How Builders Can Make the Most of the Current Real Estate Boom

If you looked at buying real estate in the past few months you can agree, that the market is not a buyer’s market. But with record low mortgages, it’s not a seller’s market either… The national house shortages have made a lot of people press pause on big purchases or life decisions, but the one industry taking advantage is builders.

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An,Accountant,Man,Holding,Pen,And,Using,Calculator for Taxes

How Technology Companies Can Claim the R&D Tax Credit

The R&D tax credit may be claimed by taxpaying businesses that develop, design, or improve products, processes, formulas, or software. Technology companies are constantly innovating and advancing, making them the perfect match for R&D tax credits. With the increase of technological advances, the number of companies that could benefit from the tax credit is continually increasing.    It’s important to calculate

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cost segregation study

When is the Best Time for a Cost Segregation Study?

If you have real estate or clients who own real estate, it’s important to know beneficial tax planning strategies to maximize your investments. One of the best tools to use is a cost segregation study!  What is a Cost Segregation Study?  Cost segregation studies are a strategic tax planning tool that is completed to maximize federal income tax depreciation deductions

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engineering firm

How Architectural and Engineering Firms Can Qualify for R&D Tax Credits

Are you missing out on potential tax credits? While the technology, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries are thought of as the typical research and development (R&D) tax credit recipients, however, architectural and engineering firms can qualify, too. Through everyday activities where they continuously develop new and improved designs, concepts, and processes. The more qualifying activities you are participating in, the higher

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ASHRAE Changes to 179D Tax Deduction

How to Navigate the Upcoming ASHRAE Changes to the 179D Tax Deduction

Climate change has been a top priority for the current administration. The Budget Reconciliation Bill is moving quickly through Congress. This is the most comprehensive climate proposal coming out of Washington, tax incentives are changing to promote building with clean energy in mind. Here’s how to navigate the upcoming ASHRAE Changes to the 179D Tax Deduction. What Are We Watching?

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