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Important Tax Deadlines To Watch Out For in 2024

Every year, the most anticipated yearly task for everybody comes around: filing taxes. And one question that connects all of us, whether you’re an early riser or like the exhilaration of a last-minute sprint to the finish line. As we embark on another fiscal journey, it’s crucial to stay informed about the significant tax dates that can impact your financial

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7 Commonly Asked Questions About Cost Segregation

Cost segregation studies offer considerable tax benefits to real estate developers, purchasers, and investors. This study can generate tax deferrals, cash flow increases, and new project capital enhancements. These commonly asked questions help you understand how you might benefit.   1. What is a cost segregation analysis? Engineers define and measure the different building assets in a cost segregation study,

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How Inflation Reduction Act Boosted Tax Breaks in 2023: An Overview

Almost $400 billion in grants, loans, and tax incentives included in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will be monetized for the first time in 2024. In 2023, federal agencies went into overdrive, producing instructions to educate professionals in the commercial real estate industry, including developers, asset and property managers, tax attorneys, CPAs, designers, bankers, investors, and others, about implementing the

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Section 174 Reversal & the Renaissance of R&D: Overview of Current Congressional Bills

Beginning with the tax year 2022, the TCJA changed Code Sec. 174 provisions to mandate amortization for some R&D expenses over a five-year period. Before this modification, taxpayers could write off these expenditures right away.   The elimination of the current-year SRE expenditure deduction will impose a significant tax penalty on many enterprises involved in research, engineering, manufacturing, product, and software development—potentially even

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Architects leverage Inflation Reduction Act

How can Architects Leverage the Inflation Reduction Act and Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives?

The Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction (Section 179D) and the New Energy Efficient Home Credit (Section 45L) were improved by the August 2022 passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Here’s all the information you need to take advantage of these tax incentives efficiently. Section 179D: Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction For projects between January 1, 2005, and December 31, 2022,

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How Sec 174 Impacts R&D Companies’ Taxable Income

Following the modifications to Internal Revenue Code Section 174 implemented by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), specified research and development (“R&D” or “R&E”) expenses are no longer deductible beginning with the 2022 tax year. The elimination of the current-year SRE expenditure deduction will impose a significant tax penalty on many enterprises involved in research, engineering, manufacturing, product, and

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Section 179D Deduction: A Detailed Overview

Commercial builders and owners of commercial properties (as well as residential buildings with four stories or more) must remain informed about the most recent criteria for claiming the 179D tax deduction, a component of the savings provisions established by the Inflation Reduction Act. The implementation of this tax deduction, which is designed to promote the energy efficiency of commercial buildings,

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Answering 6 Common Concerns Regarding Cost Segregation Studies

One cannot emphasize how crucial cost segregation study is for companies and real estate investors. Taxpayers can significantly lower their tax burden and increase their available cash by expediting depreciation. Cost segregation increases cash flows by accelerating depreciation deductions and offers real estate owners considerable tax planning advantages. The potential savings from a cost segregation study can vary, as does

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CPACE Financing: Developers’ Go-to Green Option to Solve Capital Crunch

Developers of commercial real estate are negotiating a challenging market. Completing a ground-up construction deal in today’s market is difficult due to pressure on construction prices from supply chain challenges and labor shortages, the present interest rate environment, and a constricted financing market that limits realistic funding alternatives. Although it can take some time for new financing vehicles to gain

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