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Hotel Owners Stay Alert

New Tax Laws for Significant Savings Every hotel owner remembers in 2017 when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts brought 100% depreciation into place. However, it was not until recently when they finalized the rules of what qualifies and how every hotel owner can claim these savings.  What Can Your Hotel Write Off? While the rules set in place in

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The Green Act 2019

179D & 45L : Green Act 2019 Has High Chance of Passing

Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act National Tax Group has closely been monitoring the Senate situation in regards to the fate of the Green Tax Credits, which is now part of the Green Act of 2019. Through the uncertainty, things are looking good for the bills that have been expired since the end of 2017. Top tax writers

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White House

179D Update: House Returns From Recess to Continue Negotiations

The House has returned from their one-week recess on Tuesday and has been against the wire on the November 21st expiration looming overhead. Despite the Democratic party submitting their proposal a few weeks ago on how to resolve this bill, the House and Senate have not come to an agreement on the spending levels. At this point in time, spending

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Energy power

How the Solar Industry is Using R&D Tax Credits to Offset Innovation Costs

Get Rewarded for Investing in Innovation for your Solar Company The solar industry is thriving more and more with each year that passes. A new energy-efficient system is installed approximately every four minutes in the United States, and it is not projected to slow down with the increased popularity of green initiatives and global warming. The solar industry is at

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179D Update: Democrats Pushing for Energy Efficiency Bill

Things are looking good for the 179D tax incentive. As we have reported here before, this incentive, along with other energy-efficient tax codes, is included in a bill that is being pushed for. The last we heard, the Democratic Party was preparing a green energy tax bill that should guarantee a renewal or extension of specific tax incentives like the

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US capitol

179D Update: Date to Watch

Over the last few months, there has been an expectation of the Democratic Party to be preparing a green energy tax bill that should guarantee a renewal or extension of specific tax incentives likes the 179D. House Democratic tax writers have claimed that the final touches are in the works, and those following along this journey with us should keep

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Contractors, Engineers, and Architects Rejoice

New IRS regulations making it easier and more profitable to file for R&D tax credits Earlier in June, the IRS provided new guidelines that are now allowing companies to use a streamlined method of filing for R&D tax credits. This new method is currently available for amended tax returns in addition to initially filed tax returns. This is excellent news

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179D Update: Verdict Still in Review, but Hopeful.

Verdict Still in Review, but Hopeful.  Things are brewing in Congress this week as there continue to be discussions surrounding the expired tax credits and incentives. National Tax Group has been keeping a close eye on the progress of these incentives. It was revealed last month that there would most likely be a tax extender package that should include 45L

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Business meeting

What to Look for in a Cost Segregation Advisor

Because the difference between a good and bad cost segregation advisor could cost you millions Finding a Cost Segregation Advisor can be challenging, especially if you do not know what to look for. To ensure that no steps are missed and no mistakes made, it is essential to partner with the right advisor who will help you accurately maximize results.

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