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Claim Your Lucrative R&D Tax Credit by Amending Your 2019 Return

This year, many companies submitted their tax returns – not knowing their everyday activities qualify as research and development initiatives, entitling the company to the lucrative R&D tax credit. National Tax Group assists businesses of all sizes, helping them navigate the legal language of the tax code to maximize R&D tax credits, even if they already submitted their return. If your company has been actively involved in research and development activities, give us a call today. We can help you receive the R&D tax credit you may have missed out on

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3 Ways CPAs Can Benefit By Utilizing Cost Segregation Experts

In the last few decades, CPA’s have begun to realize the opportunity that Cost Segregation Studies can provide for their clients. Cost Segregation is an engineering-based study that gives a strategic tax plan to accelerate property depreciation and helps businesses cut costs on any real estate that has been recently purchased, remodeled, or constructed. CPA’s have been slowly but surely taking advantage of this tax-saving opportunity for their clients, but some still have doubts.

National Tax Group specializes in working directly with our CPA partners to ensure their clients stay satisfied and maximize their return with our assistance. We offer many advantages to our CPA clients, but these top 3 can help your clients save money while boosting your business.

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We’re Here to Help Your Business Weather the Storm

We are fully operational during these challenging times and expect no delays, as we are a remote-based company. We will continue to do everything we can to save your business money.   National Tax Group is a team of industry professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of federal taxes, deductions, and credits. Obtaining top-dollar benefits from

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Architects, Talk to NTG Before Filing your 2019 Taxes

Towards the end of 2019, we saw a lot of major positive changes and renewals within the tax codes that we specialize in. National Tax Group has closely been monitoring the life of the 179D tax code for the benefit of our clients. With the filing deadline for corporate tax returns coming up on March 16th, we want to make

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Restaurant Owners – Are You Taking Advantage of Cost Segregation?

Restaurant owners who are building or remodeling their property can reduce their federal tax liabilities through a cross segregation study. Restaurant owners can benefit from Cost Segregation studies by increasing their cash flow and lowering federal tax burdens. Cost segregation studies are a strategic tax planning tool that is completed to maximize federal income tax depreciation deductions by identifying fixed

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179D Extended Through 2020

Retroactively Claim 3 Years’ Worth of Deductions One of the best things that happened at the close of 2019 was the long-awaited extension of the 179D! This Energy Policy was cultivated in 2005 to allow a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for both new and existing buildings. This policy was recently extended through 2020, which means

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45L Extended Through 2020

Increase Your Cash Flow Today for Past and Future Projects Contractors everywhere are starting the new year on a lucrative foot, thanks to the extension of the 45L bill. 45L is a tax credit available to contractor’s projects for installing energy-saving elements to newly constructed single-family homes and low-rise residential buildings that reduce energy and power costs. It was a

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Extended through 2020

Tax Alert: 179D and 45L Extended Through 2020

National Tax Group is excited to announce that the 179D and 45L tax incentive legislation has been extended through 2020! We have been closely monitoring the status and working with government representatives to lobby for the extension of these expired tax incentives that we specialize in. Legislation has extended these two tax initiatives through December 31, 2020. This is major

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Hotel Owners Stay Alert

New Tax Laws for Significant Savings Every hotel owner remembers in 2017 when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts brought 100% depreciation into place. However, it was not until recently when they finalized the rules of what qualifies and how every hotel owner can claim these savings.  What Can Your Hotel Write Off? While the rules set in place in

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The Green Act 2019

179D & 45L : Green Act 2019 Has High Chance of Passing

Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act National Tax Group has closely been monitoring the Senate situation in regards to the fate of the Green Tax Credits, which is now part of the Green Act of 2019. Through the uncertainty, things are looking good for the bills that have been expired since the end of 2017. Top tax writers

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