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179D Update: Verdict Still in Review, but Hopeful.

Verdict Still in Review, but Hopeful.  Things are brewing in Congress this week as there continue to be discussions surrounding the expired tax credits and incentives. National Tax Group has been keeping a close eye on the progress of these incentives. It was revealed last month that there would most likely be a tax extender package that should include 45L

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What to Look for in a Cost Segregation Advisor

Because the difference between a good and bad cost segregation advisor could cost you millions Finding a Cost Segregation Advisor can be challenging, especially if you do not know what to look for. To ensure that no steps are missed and no mistakes made, it is essential to partner with the right advisor who will help you accurately maximize results.

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179D Update: Tax Legislative Agenda for the Remainder of 2019

In the last few months, the outcome of expired energy tax provisions has remained unknown. Congress has resumed its session after the August recess and there is still a possibility of tax legislation before the end of the year. There are many items that have been observed by the House of Representatives and the Senate and are likely to be

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Tax Incentive Extenders: Deadline Approaching

Oct 1 is the deadline for the new fiscal year, which means some changes may be coming for tax incentives that are expiring or expired. This year is crucial due to the potential need to raise or suspend the spending caps. These caps affect our national debt to avoid detrimental cuts looming over the defense and nondefense programs. This deadline

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The Tax Credits Your Winery is Missing Out On

The R&D tax credit is one of the most substantial tax incentives that businesses can take advantage of. For wineries, the potential savings could be significant. However, many are unaware that they even qualify or are not taking full advantage of the credit. National Tax Group can help wineries that fail to realize their maximum benefits understand which activities they

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The R&D Tax Expenses You Are Overlooking and Could be Claiming

Knowing what to look for can open up more avenues to savings. R&D tax incentives are a significant missed opportunity for companies to increase savings and profits. However, proper documentation is required to gain the benefits of this credit fully. Here are three commonly incorrectly recorded areas to pay close attention to. Claiming Employee Time as an R&D Expense In

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The 4 Part Test You Need to Pass for Your R&D Tax Credits

In 1981, the federal government initiated the Research and Experimentation tax credit in an effort to create jobs and innovation in the U.S. The R&D tax credits were intended to be a temporary incentive to boost the economy. However, the program has been extended by Congress more than a dozen times until it was made permanent by the Protecting Americans

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179D Update: First Reports Examining Tax Extenders

The outcome of expired energy tax provisions has remained unknown in the last few months. Earlier this month, it was announced that Grassey released the first set of reports for the examination of the tax extenders. Within this report was one of the most popular incentives, 179D. If this extender were to be made permanent, it would benefit a broad

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