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Young engineer working for alternative energy with wind turbine and solar panel

Contractors and Builders Performing Eco-Friendly Construction During Housing Boom Can Earn Bonus Tax Savings

With the current boom in housing and residential properties and the populations’ rising concern for climate control, many contractors and builders have taken this opportunity to shift their building approach to construct more eco-friendly properties. This shift has opened the door to massive tax credits for individuals in the construction industry.   Contractors, builders, and property owners who have either

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Teen girl student wears headphones while taking a distance learning lesson with online teacher and study on computer screen at home.

The Expansion Of The Online Education Industry Opens The Door To Beneficial Tax Savings For Many Companies

Over the past couple of years, the need for technology in the education sector has increased significantly and continues to rise as more individuals are now pursuing their education online. This increase began partially due to the response to school closures during the pandemic. With schools and universities needing to adjust to online classes and advancements, the industry as a

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Woman in clothing shop designing and making clothing using iPad and sewing machines

Apparel and Textile Companies Investing Resources In Manufacturing Materials Can Score Big Tax Savings

Businesses in the apparel and textile industry are regularly developing and manufacturing new products, materials and processes in order to keep up with changing trends and their competition. Staying on top of these shifts requires a good amount of time, money, and research in order to develop products that match the current market and its requirements.   Because so many

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Tax advisor in a meeting with his clients going over and consulting them on their taxes

Your 2018 Taxes Are Calling And They Want To Talk To You About R&D

One of the most lucrative tax benefits for companies who are performing and undertaking innovative approaches to their products or services are research and development tax credits. Now more than ever, companies in a wide range of industries can qualify for these dollar-for-dollar tax perks if they are performing activities that are advancing their industry.   With continual growth in

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Wichita Kansas city skyline

Businesses in Kansas Who Are Taking Innovative Risks Within Their Industries Can Collect Direct Cash Flow

  The state of Kansas is a major hub for the agricultural, manufacturing, aviation, and energy and natural resources industries. All of these industries are continuously needing to expand, conduct research and develop new products to keep up with industry demands making Kansas an ideal state for research and development tax credits.   Many businesses in Kansas may not know

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Woman playing with dog in the living room

A Rise In Pet Adoption Brings About New Advancements in The Pet Industry Setting Companies Up For Tax Credits

The pet industry has experienced recent growth due to the increase in pet adoption rates during last year’s lockdown. With more time to invest in care for pets while working from home and staying indoors, many people have turned to the support of these four-legged companions. Shelters have reported massive decreases in available animals and occupancy levels which has brought

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Two software developers analyzing together about code written into a program on the computer.

The Shift From In-Person To Online Paves The Way For Huge Tax Savings In The Web Development Industry

The web and software development industry has been experiencing a dramatic increase in demand as more companies are realizing that the market is shifting to online resources and services. Although the pandemic was one of the catalysts behind this shift, companies are quickly realizing that online services are becoming standard integrations they need to provide in order to keep up

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