National Tax Group’s 3-step R&D Tax Credit Claim Process

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Our straightforward 3-step process ensures audit-proof tax credit assessment and preparation that puts money in your pocket.

Innovation and development happen in many industries across the board and all over the country. The Research and Development tax credit was created to reward these businesses’ activities and encourage innovative practices at American companies. Less than ⅓ of qualified companies claim this lucrative credit and you would be surprised just how many small businesses can qualify.

Step 1: A Free Initial Assessment

National Tax Group provides free initial assessments to any business owner wanting to determine whether or not their activities are characterized as “Qualified Research Activities.” One of our tax experts will ask you detailed questions about your business, employees, tax history, and any other relevant information that could qualify you. To be deemed as a Qualified Research Activity, they must first pass the 4-Part Test, created by the IRS.

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The IRS established criteria consists of:

  • Purpose: The research is done to improve the quality, function, or reliability of a process or product.
  • Process: The research activities must involve stimulation, logical trial and error, assessing alternatives, and refining hypotheses.
  • Uncertainty: The qualified activities must identify information to remove ambiguity in the development or improvement of a production process.
  • Nature: The research done relies solely on physical sciences, biological sciences, computer sciences, or engineering.

Step 2: Technical Evaluation of Your Qualified Research Activities

Our knowledgeable staff will request employee wages, industry and business information and past years of tax returns to get started determining whether or not your business can claim R&D tax credits. Our tax technicians have the knowledge to identify the business items and worker salaries that are specific to the Research and Development credit. Furthermore, they can look at the activities outside of the office, such as offsite contract research, that can also be added to your file. 

Step 3: Formulation of Your State and Federal R&D Credits

After a thorough calculation, National Tax Group will prepare and organize all research activities performed that qualify you for the R&D credit. Our team of tax-saving experts will create and provide the needed documentation to ensure your tax credit. In the case of an audit, our work meets IRS standards and will ensure a smooth process. 


Call National Tax Group at (561) 257-3436 to see if your business qualifies for this potential cash flow opportunity. We will walk you through every step needed to claim your credit now. 


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