IRS Update: Millions of Taxpayers Still Wait For Their Tax Returns While Calls To The IRS Go Unanswered

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The IRS is still experiencing a massive delay in getting refunds and stimulus payments to American taxpayers, according to a number of national taxpayer sources. Currently, they are facing about 35 million unprocessed returns and backlogs and have been unable to give a timeline on when these issues will be resolved.


This delay is largely due to the fact that a record number of refunds have required manual processing this year on top of other unprecedented circumstances that arose from Covid. Many taxpayers who have tried reaching out to the IRS about filing issues have also faced unanswered calls and questions due to the low hiring rates at the IRS call centers. Even with congressional funding, the IRS is still only able to provide a 60 percent level of service which is still leaving many calls unanswered. This has left many Americans frustrated and confused as to why the IRS is still unable to process their claims.


In a committee hearing for the 2022 fiscal year, the IRS addressed some of the issues with the level of funding that these telephone assistant programs get and is looking to include $318 million to the taxpayer assistance budget. This budget increase is projected to fund only about 75 percent of phone services, however.


For now, many American taxpayers are still waiting on their returns while the IRS tries to navigate a maze of backlogs and manual processing.

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