Explore the Benefits of Our Turnkey, Commission Based Affiliate Program

We have earned CPAs over $500k in commissions. Are you ready to partner with us?

Our specialty tax experts have worked with CPAs hand in hand for decades, helping them unearth additional savings for their clients by introducing them to our specialty areas of tax code. When CPAs refer qualified clients to us, we can leverage their business activities into real-world tax savings. In turn, CPAs earn up to 10% commissions for referrals. Our exclusive CPA+ partnership maximizes your client’s dollars while you earn valuable commissions. 

What are the benefits of partnering with a third party?

Partnering with a third-party specialty tax firm allows CPAs to provide unprecedented savings for their clients. For the average CPA, these unique areas of the tax code are hard to focus on, often requiring experts in the field. That’s when our team of tax professionals, engineers and client specialists come in. Our experts will guide our partnered CPAs and their clients step-by-step through the claims process, from assessing eligibility to submitting documentation to the IRS. We also provide audit support at no cost if you or your clients need it. 

Here to help it work best for you

National Tax Group recognizes that every CPA’s relationship with their customer is different and we have tailored our offerings to support that. It is up to you if we interface directly with the client on your behalf or we work through you. We are happy to offer any level of transparency you require.

Offer your clients more

We are proud to partner with CPAs to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied. This is a collaborative process, and we want you to feel like we’re part of your team.

Through our partnership, you will be able to offer these highly lucrative deductions: 

  • 179D Energy Efficient Tax Deduction – Tax deduction rewarded for energy efficiency
  • Research & Development Tax Credit – Tax credit given to businesses performing qualifying research activities
  • Cost Segregation – Engineering-based study that accelerates depreciation and increases cash flow
  • 45L Home Credit – Tax credit rewarded to homebuilders and contractors who incorporate energy efficient measures

Once you sign up for our CPA Partnership+ program, you will receive a welcome package in the mail that includes an introductory gift, a welcome letter, and an informational pamphlet for your office and clients. Additionally, our team will work with you to identify what clients are eligible for our service areas and provide you with dedicated support throughout the entire process. Partner with us to expand your tax reach and add savings to your clients’ wallets today.

Learn about our CPA Partnership+ Program and start earning commissions.

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