CPA’s are Providing More Savings for Clients Than Ever Before

10% Commissions Available for Saving Clients More On Their Taxes

CPA’s are constantly working to ensure their client’s financial matters are in order and that their taxes are properly prepared for submission to the IRS. They are now able to provide even more by introducing specialized tax incentives that can significantly affect client tax returns. Before, these tax incentives were often underutilized and under claimed because CPA’s hadn’t known that they existed or that their clients were eligible for them. Additional tax incentives are available through the 179D Energy Efficient Tax Deduction, Research and Development Tax Credit, 45L Energy Efficient Home Credit, and Cost Segregation.

Reduce Taxable Income With Significant Tax Incentives

Partnering with a third-party, specialty tax firms allow CPA’s to open the door for their clients to save more than ever before. These specific, specialty areas of the tax code often appear too difficult to understand and too tedious to claim. That’s when our team of tax professionals step in to guide CPA’s and their clients through the tax saving process, from determining eligibility to submitting documentation to the IRS.

Working Together to Obtain Top-Dollar Savings

Companies are typically always open to learning about the new opportunities that exist that will save them even more on their taxes, and usually already qualify. Whether it be through the research and development activities that are already being performed as part of daily activities, or by simply owning a commercial building, there is a wide spectrum of qualifications that companies likely meet, qualifying them for significant tax incentives.

Partner With a Specialized Tax Firm

National Tax Group works with CPA’s to obtain top-dollar savings for more companies than ever before. Through our partnership, we provide CPA’s with upwards of 10% commissions for all fees generated when we obtain the tax incentives for their clients.

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