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Leading the architectural vertical in success, Chelsea has been an integral part of the National Tax Group since 2016. Besides training and overseeing the architectural division and exceeding annual sales goals, Chelsea is committed to building lasting relationships with every client.


Chelsea is a dedicated professional passionate about saving clients money through strategic utilization of 179D and R&D incentives. Her hands-on approach involves working closely with clients and developing tailored solutions that meet their needs. 


She likes attending trade shows, which allow her to personally connect with existing clients and introduce prospective clients to the comprehensive services the National Tax Group offers. Beyond her financial expertise, Chelsea also plays a crucial role in marketing efforts, contributing to the generation of new business and the engagement of potential clients. 


Outside of the world of tax savings, Chelsea’s creative side shines as she enjoys writing and making music during her free time.

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About our President

Lee is a nationally recognized sales leader, providing sustainable tax solutions to business owners across a wide variety of industries. He has been honored five times for leading the sales growth of an Inc 500 Most Rapidly Growing Company. Apart from building top-performing sales teams, Lee has a special aptitude for strategizing and implementing aggressive sales and marketing initiatives to domestically and internationally achieve extraordinary results, align revenue with corporate objectives, and ensure high ROI.


Prior to joining the National Tax Group, Lee was involved in operations, financial management, turnarounds, M&A, building strategic partnerships in the U.S. and globally, developing sales teams to sell to C-Level, and cultivating relationships with customers and internal/external stakeholders. Lee has a degree in Accounting and Finance from Western Illinois University.


For the past 14 years, Lee has been dedicated to supporting businesses in the US with his tax expertise. Book a call with him today to talk about how he can help your business leverage federal credits.

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Cost Segregation Studies

Building owners are able to unlock cash flow and invest it back into their building by having a cost segregation study performed. By accelerating deprecation, property can be reclassified to 5, 7, or 15- year life classes.

179D Energy Efficient Tax Deduction

Commercial building owners, and architects and designers can reward their efforts for making their buildings energy-efficient with significant tax deductions. Earn $1.80 per sq./ft. on each property.

45L Energy Efficient Home Credits

Contractors and builders of energy-efficient apartments and homes are eligible for tax credits with 45L. Residential buildings that have reduced their energy consumption by 50% can collect up to $2,000 for each unit of property.

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