3 Ways CPAs Can Benefit By Utilizing Cost Segregation Experts

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In the last few decades, CPA’s have begun to realize the opportunity that Cost Segregation Studies can provide for their clients. Cost Segregation is an engineering-based study that gives a strategic tax plan to accelerate property depreciation and helps businesses cut costs on any real estate that has been recently purchased, remodeled, or constructed. CPA’s have been slowly but surely taking advantage of this tax-saving opportunity for their clients, but some still have doubts.

National Tax Group specializes in working directly with our CPA partners to ensure their clients stay satisfied and maximize their return with our assistance. We offer many advantages to our CPA clients, but these top 3 can help your clients save money while boosting your business.

Maximizing your client’s dollars will keep them coming back and increase your yearly revenue. Clients have a lot of trust invested in their CPAs, and you work hard to keep that trust. Spending time to leverage tax incentives that your clients qualify for can save them thousands of dollars during the tax season. Satisfied clients that see these significant savings are likely to come back year after year.

Find other hidden tax savings for your clients. National Tax Group specializes in more than just Cost Segregation. We can take a look at your client’s financials and find other hidden tax savings they could benefit from. Many businesses do not realize they qualify for several tax incentives that are available to them federally and through the state.

Direct your clients to new cost saving opportunities when building new properties, expanding their properties or making capital investments in their business. By being able offer a strategy for their success, your added value will be appreciated.

Our exclusive CPA Partnership+

CAP Partnership+National Tax Group offers a unique program for all of our CPAs called the CPA Partnership+ Program. Through this program, we partner with you to save your clients more in taxes and provide you with an added incentive. When you refer your clients to us for savings through 179D, R&D, Cost Segregation, and 45L, we’ll return the favor with a tiered bonus. We’ll work hand in hand with you to determine which of our specialized tax services your clients can obtain. Once we determine eligibility, we’ll handle the rest. You’ll start earning commissions as soon as your clients start saving on their taxes.

To learn more about our CPA Partnership+ Program, click here, or give us a call at (561) 257-3436. We offer a free assessment of all our clients to ensure customer satisfaction and a risk-free partnership.

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